Here are some useful websites I have compiled over the years. You will need to use them for assignments and general infromation.


GOOD websites to get engaging student articles

(new nonfiction articles that you can adjust Lexile scores)
(good passages with questions for Common core)


Good site for student articels
(great site fro academic vocabulary by Jim Burke)
(teaching text features)
(using stories to tell events come to life)

(great for creating storyboards)
(great vocabulary identifier site)
(strategies for writers and graphic organizers to use)
(engaging and interesting articles)
(great site for interactive article and activities you can perform online)
(writing for the middle school-great for teacher on how to set up writing workshops)

 Citing Sources:

(great site for why you should check your sources)




(great site)


Language History, Facts, Cliches, and Idioms


(A collection of free audio poems and books)

(great for found poems)



(take images and begin writing-awesome)

(good source that shows modeled writing)

(Ideas for writer’s block, posting your own writing, and poetry)

(great examples of student work of various genres)

(great resource for writing)

(great site to create characters)

(great for creating plot)

(great for creating an ouline for a drama script)

(good for notetaking)

(good for notetaking)

(great for changing plot and ideas in stories)

(makes writing letters easy)

(literary elements)

(good for outlining your argument for a persuasion essay)

(great creative writing starter prompts)

(great idea for putting various words together)



(great for subject-verb agreement exercise)

(great for subject-verb agreement exercise)

(great fo ronline grammar quizzes)

(grammar quizzes)

(grammar rules)



Videos and Documentaries:




 Information on novels, short stories, and poems:

(Lord of The Flies game)


Shakespeare-Queen Mab Speech


(odyssey info.)

(Heroes journey-Odysseus)







 Reading or listening to books online Listening:

(password and username is ewmms for both)

Cartoon creating websites

great site to create character outlines

(make cartoons)

Various Websites


(make your own cartoon)

(File converter program)




(great for finding webquests)

(great for making webquests)

(great webquest on Genocide)


Video Creating Programs

(really good for creating characters that can speak)

(pictures turned into videos with music)

(unique way of publishing writing)






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