Mr. Katsigiorgis’ Classroom Procedures and Routines-



 Be on time

 Be prepared to learn 


 Follow procedures so you can complete assignments the first time you are given them

School Policies

            No  electronic devices in the classroom (ipods, phones, headphones etc)

             No hats or bandanas in class


Entering class-

        Enter class on time, quietly, and sit in your assigned seat

     Take out your marble notebook and begin to respond to the do now on the overhead

Bathroom Use-

 School policy does not allow bathroom use the first 10 and last ten minutes of class

Wait patiently during a transitional phase( passing of papers, handing out of folders etc.) to ask for a pass

Rewards and consequences

Rewards for following classroom procedures

Team parties-we try to have 2-3 celebrations a year

Team trips; we average 3-4 trips a year

Lunch with instructor

Free HW passes, computer time, movie after school etc., McDonalds certificates


Consequences for failing to follow classroom procedures

1. Student is warned when they fail to follow a procedure and routine

2.Student is assigned a 15 minute to  half hour lunch detention for failing to follow procedures or routines

3.Parent is contacted when student fails to follow procedures and routines for a second time and student is assigned a 2 hour detention

4.A parent/administrator meeting is set up if student continues failing to follow procedures and routines

5. Parent is visited by teachers and a meeting is held at home to try to resolve procedure issues














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